CROP UPDATE April 13, 2017

Things are still looking rather bleak in regards to most crops coming out of California.  We are experiencing shortages and quality issues on virtually all vegetable crops.  The rain and wind combined with scattered hail storms will have an affect on fruit trees.

All shippers are quoting in the terms of sale (conditions related to weather damage).

Lettuce and leafy greens, severe shortages over the next few weeks and smaller size heads.

Celery supplies are limited

Broccoli and Cauliflower supplies are limited and pricing structure is erratic with hit or miss availability.

Strawberry harvest is under way in Oxnard and Santa Maria.  There is a wide range of quality and prices. We expect rain showers and that will affect harvest schedules and quality.

Citrus, we still have good volume on Navels and Caras, Lemons will show some scarring.

Please consider relaxing receiving guidelines in light of the wide variances in quality

The Sonoma team!